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At Design Thoughts Architects, the best architectural firm, the process goes beyond mere spatial design. We think long-term- in terms of utility, functionality, and sustainability. Our works as architectural designers don’t end when the last brick is laid, it continues on for however long that building exists. With this vision, our architect’s design with the use of sustainable materials, modulation of built and unbuilt spaces, passive energy harvesting or natural resource conservation options. This ensures long-term benefits for both the environment as well as the users.

Some of our design strengths include:

» British colonial style structures
» Contemporary Architecture
» Spanish Colonial style
» Vernacular Architecture
» Traditional Architecture

At Design Thoughts, we appreciate and respect the client’s preference of building design and architecture style and can design and execute buildings of all styles. Feel free to connect with our top residential architects or commercial architects to gain clarity or drop us a message with your queries and we will get back to you.

Our specialization includes Architectural Design and Consulting Services for:

♠ Villas & Villaments
♠ Row Houses
♠ Residential mix complex
♠ High Raised and Low Raised Apartments
♠ Farm houses
♠ Service Apartments
♠ Designs for Hospitality Sector
♠ Entertainment Sector
♠ Commercial Malls for Retail Segment
♠ Educational Buildings

Our Apartment Projects


When we wanted to do the office interiors for our new office, we got in touch with “Design Thoughts”. We gave them our requirements and told them all that we thought we wanted. The team at “Design Thoughts” floored us with their plan options, once we finalized on the plans they got to work marking out the plan and then supervising each step of the process. They finished the project on time and with utmost quality. We have known them for over 10 years and we wish them the very best in all their future endeavors.

Testimonial By Jose Maliel

Be the project small or big...efforts put by design thoughts team is the same.Best part is they understand what are the clients need and carry the task very professionally.
Special thanks to Mr.Mahantesh

Architect and CEO of Design thoughts to make my idea, my dream come into reality... my loft room.

Testimonial By Dr. Priya Jain

We were looking around for an architect to design our new home, and my builder suggested to go for Design Thoughts. We gave our needs and that's all. Mahantesh and team at Design Thoughts gave us plenty of design options and elevations. We were sceptical about having a good and spacious design with 30x45 site, but when we saw their work and designs, we were amused to see we had such a spacious living and bedrooms. And when the construction got over, we were wondering to see such a spacious home. Almost everyone asked who is the architect in the house warming ceremony..

Every aspect of a modern home was meticulously planned and executed and supervised till the finish. It was really a pleasure to get our home design by by Design Thoughts. Thanks Mahantesh and all the team at Design Thoughts to make our dream home come true. We wish them all the best for their future endeavors and we certainly recommend Design Thoughts for your dream projects.

Testimonial By Vijaykumar Melagiri

“Its surely a pride and honor to be a client of Design Thoughts where Mr. Mahantesh and his team approaches each project with a unique combination of passion and practicality. I would recommend them to my friends and relatives.”

Mr. Sharath – VVentures

Mr. Sharath – VVentures

“I have had the opportunity to work with Design Thoughts and have been impressed with their ability to manage teams, careful attention to details, and passion for great design and architecture that lead to successful projects."

Mr Murali – Sai Murali Builders

Working with Design Thoughts was a pleasure. They balanced the architectural vision and project realities beautifully, with clarity of our priorities. The blend of personal style and understanding led to a beautiful, practical solution.

Mr. Subramani – Sanjana Builders

we have consulted Design Thoughts for complete House - Design + coordination and Project Management. The team is excellent and very responsible and always delivered the best, starting from design till handover of the project they have properly coordinated and also given the best design elevation

Testimonial By Krishna Prasad

"Their ability to be creative and to bring insightful ideas to be considered was very impressive."
"They give soul to your imagination and life to your dreams."

Testimonial By Jaya Bhat

firstly Thanks to Mahantesh & Nikhil for my beautiful home, we are loving the home. We had consulted Design Thoughts for complete House design( Elevation, working plan, structural, electrical and Plumbing). The team is excellent and very responsible and always delivered the best. The best part is they are reasonably priced. I would say value for money.
Highly recommended.
All the very best to Mahantesh and Design Thoughts

Testimonial By Vamsi Krishna Alaparthi

People in Design Thoughts first extract your thoughts, add value to it with proper reasoning ensure quality material keeping the budgetary constraints in mind and strictly adhering to time schedule by taking all headaches onto themselves. The house that was designed and monitored by design thoughts has been appreciated by one and all. 10 Months estimated by them handed over to me in exactly 10 months with a complete sense of satisfaction

Testimonial By S. K. Bhat

“We have found Mahantesh and his team to be competent, dedicated, experienced professionals. They are expert at developing and advancing strong alternatives while being sensitive to the need to work in a collaborative manner with ownership and the remainder of the project team. Thank you.”

Testimonial from Mr. Mallikarjun

“Thank you for all your professional help over a number of ideas and a successful project. I have always appreciated your support, advice and patience in taking theproject forward and seeing it to its final conclusion.”

Testimonial from Mr. Manu, Ittina Developers

“Mahantesh and his staff of talented architects have been a pleasure to work with. They work collaboratively with other consultants and general contractors to ensure that the vision and all objectives of the project are met.”

Testimonial from Mr. Sandeep Kumar, TG Developers

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