A Heavenly Ayurveda Clinic Designed for Well-being

An Ayurveda clinic designed to enhance the client’s physical and mental well-being, Uvas Ayurveda designed by the Design Thoughts Architects certainly provides a holistic experience for anyone who enters this holy place.

“Ayurveda is science of life- Ayushveda. I need my setup which is designed by a heart as we heal physically, mentally and emotionally with a holistic and a spiritual approach”. These were Dr. Priya’s words when our team met her for the first time, that’s when we started designing her thoughts.

Entrance :

The entrance has a beautiful combination of minimalist landscaping adorned with artwork that catches the eye immediately. The addition of indoor plants gives warmth and serenity that attracts clients inside, the colors used have an earthly warm tone with wooden finishing that syncs with the meaning of Ayurveda, The Science of Life. The seating area has seats with bold colors and Indian patterns. There is also an addition of a fountain that merges with the wooden panels. In the Vastu Shastra, it is mentioned that the flowing water in the fountain symbolizes the flow of money, happiness, and love. It adds positivism and a homely feeling to space.

Lord Ganesha at the entrance is a beautiful piece of work done by our artists. Ganesha, also called vygnhatra (protector) which in turn gave a cultural touch to the clinic.

Landscape :

The Landscape of the clinic leads directly into the Kuteera. The ornaments on the path are local handmade pots designed using materials sourced from nearby areas, the approach to this is to keep it luscious and green yet adding a touch of Indian artwork on the side. The Landscape has a brick wall that separates the exteriors into the Kuteera.

Reception :

The Reception is a luxurious structure with wooden finished flooring. The space is a perfect spot for clients to come and relax before their treatments. The wall is adorned with a unique statement piece created by local artisans. They are comfortable yet chic which thereby adds zest to the space with a pop of color.

Seating lounge :

The seating lounge is a unique place for people to relax before and after their treatments. The idea of this serene space is to break the monotony and distress. The vintage colors used helps to accentuate the flow of the positivity and mindfulness. The wall also has hanging lights that are made by using twine that is a take on olden practices of Indian homes. The potted plants that have Worli art painted signifies respect and adoration for our Indian heritage and cultural practices. The wooden seating arrangements with colorful cushions are mood elevating and pleasant to the eyesight.

Kuteera :

The Kuteera is a holy shrine for Ayurvedic treatments. The wooden door with its intricate design engravings adds a touch of royalty to the space. The room has a sacred look to it to help arouse the feeling of wellness. There is a partition wall made of bricks that helps to separate the room from the outside. The furniture is mainly wooden to help us connect with the nature. The flooring in grey tones pairs perfectly with the dark hues of the wood and white walls. The designs on the bricks are a pattern that are present throughout the entire clinic.

External Utility :

The external balcony can be accessed from the hallway. The red flooring is a statement color in most of the olden days architecture. The brick walls act as a partition from the clinic opening up to a serene outdoors. The walls also have worli art hand-painted on the red coloring which catches the eye immediately.

Consultation Room :

Ayurveda clinic consultation room is a personal den for Dr Priya with moody shades, statement sculpted piece on the side, and a wall of fame. It is a seamless amalgamation of contemporary and minimalist design with open windows for ample lighting.

Connector Hallway :

The hallway is a narrow path that connects the consultation room with the lab and the therapy rooms which leads directly to the exteriors. The lighting is a trendy take on hanging lights. The hallway is wide and long to elongate the feel of the space and open up the floor for people to walk. The double faced railway clock is perfect for this passage, it brings out the looks of the passage while keeping it very aesthetic.

Karma :

Karma, the therapy room as the name means is a simple yet well equipped space that is used for the Ayurveda treatments. The simple flooring with minimal wall paintings helps to keep the focus only on the clients and the treatments. The use of cool tones on the wall with worli painting and the center wooden structure invites wellness and relaxation.

Gate :

The raised wooden gate, was structured aesthetically to maintain the holistic approach of the clinic and serve as a shield for the privacy of the patients. The color used matches the color scheme and gives a vintage look.

Residential unit :

A place to feel like home and which looks chic was the goal here. We used the colors green and white which symbolize peace and harvest. The tiles used were 40 year old ancient mosaic which give the whole unit a homely feel.

The entire 4000 square feet of the Uvas Ayurveda aspire to promote health and well-being. Design Thoughts Architects has designed with the idea of preserving and adapting Indian interiors to help elevate the way of living. We believe in giving the best experience to our clients and cater to their needs with precision. Uvas Ayurveda has been a passion project which we enjoy immensely.