As many clients will be asking which type of Brick is suitable to build residential (or) commercial building and what is the importance of each type of Brick? So, in order to get clarity to the people who want to construct their dream homes, we as a top architecture firm in Bangalore would like to bring an idea about each type of brick and their advantage & disadvantage with a higher vision of serving them. The people who are planning to construct their buildings should read this beautiful article written by a famous architect in Bangalore. The brick that was first produced in a sun-dried form has its origins millions of years back is a small building unit in the form of a rectangular block, formed from clay or shale or mixtures and burned (fired) in a kiln, or oven, to produce strength, hardness, and heat resistance. The original concept of ancient brick makers was that the unit should not be larger than what one man could easily handle. In today’s era brick size varies from country to country, and every nation’s brickmaking industry produces a range of sizes that may run into thousands and crores. There are various types of bricks which are described below:

Types of Bricks : 

  1. Facing Brick –
    A brick that satisfies the architectural needs such as finish, form, and function that is eligible to be used on external faces is called a “Facing Brick”.
Facing Brick
2. Engineering Brick – These bricks are used for engineering purposes and they have the highest strength of compression and lowest water absorption.
Design thoughts architects
3. Common Brick –  As name itself tells common brick, it will be made from using natural clay and they have no special treatment.
Common brick
4. Wirecut Brick – Wirecut brick is a type of brick which are manufactured using low moisture clay.

5. Burnt Clay Brick – Burnt clay bricks are made from burning clay and are used for constructing foundations, columns, etc.

6. Sand Lime Brick – Instead of cement, these bricks use lime and sand. These are manufactured in the US and Germany.

Bricks are also used for incinerations, industries, home appliances, fireplaces, drainages, etc. They protect the famous rivers like the Nile, Tigris from extreme weather conditions like floods. They are used for the construction of buildings, walls, roofs, etc.

Advantages of bricks are:

  • They are low in maintenance
  • They are energy efficient
  • They are weatherproof
  • They are colorful
  • They can be used as a style and design

Finally, We would like to conclude the Article of brick for here, By telling a few points :
  • Brick is mandatory to build your dream home. In order to build your fantasy home, choose a brick wisely with the help of a good architect who can give suggestions and who can listen to your requirements completely.
  • The best architect can choose the type of brick you need according to your requirement,
  • The good architect is the one who has the good listening capacity and the best knowledge about the architecture design
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