Top Ideas for Landscape in Residential Architecture

Top Ideas for Landscape in Residential Architecture

Top Ideas for Landscape in Residential Architecture

Landscape architecture

Brief ideas of various landscape design

As mentioned in the last article Glass in Residential building. We are writing about the beautiful Eco-friendly building concept “Landscape in Residential architecture“.

As we are talking about landscape architecture, We can know about how it has become a useful form of design where aesthetics and functionality both work simultaneously on the grounds of preserving ecology as well as bringing out the beauty of nature within the space.

While constructing a house proper landscape planning and architecture with the sustainability concept and approach helps to make a conducive and responsive environment. This article is predicated on the theoretical framework of the connection between landscape design in planning and development in urban design. Every decade there have been profound challenges as the architects, we have to address the approach towards sustainability while designing landscape architecture.

Landscape relates mainly to land-forms, vegetation, water, and climate. It is an art of arranging elements to create a healthy breathing atmosphere, vibrant community, and good outdoor space.

As we are talking about landscape in residential building, Here I like to recall our old article balcony designs which tells you how landscaping could be incorporated within indoor spaces to visualize the feel of an external garden. It can create a healthy environment with elements like lawns, gardens, flowers, beds, etc.

Structures such as a seating wall can define a perimeter, or a hedge may serve as a living wall. Pathways bordered by planting or trees create the feeling corridors. An arbor, pergola, or overhanging tree branch may suggest a ceiling.

Landscaping improves the quality of life. It cools down the temperature, provides physical and psychological benefits.

One of the famous architect Hawthorn said: “Indoor and outdoor spaces should be integrated and flow one into the other”.

Outdoor living space balances with the related elements in the landscape, also enhance the natural beauty.

Landscape lowers air conditioning use. People are drawn to and gathered in the open spaces of a garden. Seating can be arranged along with the shades of thick vertical line landscape also sheltered from the direct sunlight. Seating areas with it gives a good and pleasant view.

It cleans the dust, smoke particles, carbon dioxide and increases oxygen. A well-designed walkway attracts the eye with a sense of movement, drawing visitors with a beckoning further. While designing, we should be able to analyze the dimensional depth of any designs and achieve various ways in implementing those to create the functionality within the space. The pathway can be sheltered using pergola or create an eclectic path by using a mixture of paving materials.

Architectural pool, an attractive part of the landscape element creates a very stylish look throughout the house. This design tends to be viewed as more formal and includes long straight lines and sharp angles. They create a balance between your home and outdoor living space while providing function and a focal point for the yard.

Free form pools tend to create a more relaxed atmosphere through the use of curves and smooth flowing lines. It is a more non-traditional look that you would associate with a natural pond.

We are living in an era where we are facing lots of health issues due to air, water, soil pollution which is attracting many problems due to the deputation of forests and increasing industrial activity. As architects, we recommend evolving designs and bringing out nature within those designs to minimize the hazardous for the near future. That could be followed in various ways such as :

Water features, the sounds of a waterfall will calm down the mind and harmony will be created within oneself. The pump will save the water by recycling.

Walking along the landscape will increase longevity.

Retaining walls will prevent soil sliding when it rains. Thus, it is an integral part of the landscape.

As architects, we should have distinctive skills and training in designing with living systems and materials that are innovative and thoughtful towards the ecology of an area. These are a few easy steps to balance nature and designs without losing its beauty and retaining the true form of modern architecture through landscaping designing. Using Eco-friendly materials in order to create landscape designs, thoughts have been proven quite challenging and we as the best architects in Bangalore have achieved those difficult designs.

As we are talking about materials, In the next article we can talk about 1 of the main material that is used in construction i.e., Metals used in Residential s building. For this stay tuned. Keep visiting the Design thoughts architects page for more updates.

Double height Living room

Double height Living room

Double height Living room

Every common man has a dream of building his own house. Architecture plays a vital role in building his/ her dream home. One of the Top architect  Frank Gehry said: “Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.”   

In this article, we briefly telling about the Double height living room area. Read this full article you will get to know what is the use of a double-height living area, why it is so much important to have double height in the living area.

The elements here in Double height create glamour are specific styles like bias-cut veneer furniture, Bright color fabrics which show the quality of grace, mystery & magnificence in a pattern. The living space is carefully designed with textures and functional furniture. In order to harmonize the space, we need a comparison of minimal materials, patterns, texture, colors in a Rhythmic & creative manner.

The above picture is the Design of Double height living room area. The term big and small is always relative and what could be considered a big space for a group of four could be found wanting if double the people are to be accommodated. Thus, it is possible to change the way a room or space is perceived by changing the way people get to see it as a whole. Discussed here are some of the simplest ways to add space to a premise.

In the space that we get when we build Double height can be used for more Interior Design. Architects loves to show his Best Architecture skills in these spaces. In this, we have taken Mirrors. Mirrors Contrary to the widespread perception that mirrors being one of the oldest and dried out concepts, it is possible to have some of the warmest rooms done with mirrors. They do directly improve the light available in space and in case the wall mirrors need to be made more attractive, some beneficial treatments would provide for this. If the cost factor would not be much of an issue, then it would be possible to try out something like the metallic reflectors as well.

In Interior design, painting is much needed to make the best interior design and also it helps in enriching the beauty of the Architecture. Painters do not have much of an idea as to how to use colors and patterns to increase the feel to a room. Most of the time they would be keen on pushing through the most expensive of paint types and not one that would be ideal for the application.

So, the designer needs to do the correct kind of research to identify the right type of paint to use in a location and to suggest the best color schemes. One of the most surprising things about colors is the way it interacts with neighboring shades to create a spacious feel to a room. In case a more professional opinion is needed, there are bound to be more than the usual consultants who could provide the necessary expertise.

Windows can be made bigger if we do double height. Simplify window treatments. Drapes can be found in all shapes, textures, and sizes. One of the present trends is to use separate blackout shades as well as a light curtain to suit the needs of the daytime as well as nights. It is possible to use a hybrid material that could double up as the blackout drapes as well as the light permitting one. Surprisingly, this approach not just works out cheaper it saves huge inches that need to be provided for the multi-layered curtains. When it comes to laying out the furniture in a room people can be rather inventive.

However, few individuals would try to understand the spaces enough to utilize the layout of the rooms best. It is best to have the heaviest of pieces laid along the sides of the wall and preferably with as little separation between the items and the nearest walls. The large cupboards are best handled in this manner, and it does turn out to the best of options too. At times when there are doors to closets to be opened out, it helps to keep them close to each other so that there is an overlap in the space needed to open out the cabinet covers. Rarely does it require that all the neighboring storages be opened out all at the very same time?

As a conclusion, there are numerous list of architects in market but only a good listener and professional architect can suggest a good plan for your dream home. As we are in modern era, the double-height room plays a key role. Whether it’s the flowing, open space, or the wonderful, abundant natural light.



Design Philosophy

This article “Design Philosophy” speaks about the various steps involved in design process. As the expertise for ‘modern simplicity’ to ‘classical minimalism’. Our core principle is to create spaces keeping all functional aspects in mind, giving full efforts to satisfy our client. Each of the projects envisions to enrich one’s experience of space, light, ventilation, context & materials through the experience of Architecture and Interior design. 

PROCESS: It involves the following steps:


As a first step of the Design, Good Architects deal with constant interaction between the clients and space. The outcome of this interaction will eventually become the basis of our thinking process that leads towards the final concept of a livable space as per the client’s desire.


Once the Thinking process completes, The firm ideates through the use of design tools which is one of the main principles followed.  These tools help in the research process that in turn evolves a concept.


After the Building concept completes Emotional sensibility helps seek good spatial quality, and this is best portrayed through a series of images invoking the same. 3D visualization & physical models provide clarity to the entire design process.


In Enriching the outcome Understanding the importance and characteristics of materials based on their physical properties and appearances is essential to every design. Each material is carefully chosen to create the desired spatial effect required.


As a Architects in Bangalore, we have an experience of more than 10 years. We came into existence with the aim of providing customized solutions in the architecture field. The company has designed numerous small, medium and large residential and commercial buildings. The company serves different segments like residential, commercial, mixed-use, hospitality to institutional. The company is highly known as a result of its high quality designed building. The company contributes in terms of technical know-how and bylaws to its stakeholders from the pre-construction stage to the final-construction stage to introduce ourselves and like to associate and work for your Dream Home projects.

We Design Thoughts Architects located in Bangalore are known for a thoughtful approach to design and its attention to details, quality, and finishing. Our spaces are well planned, beautifully detailed and built to sustain. We provide the Best Architecture for your home.


We are a one-stop for every residential architectural & interior design requirement. Design Thoughts is a provider, for both design and execution.


We are known for a thoughtful approach to design and its attention to details, quality, and finishing. Our spaces are well planned, beautifully detailed and built to sustain.


With over ten years of experience in the field of residential architecture and interior design, we are suitably equipped to handle a wide range of projects. With us, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.


You can expect complete transparency on all matters bringing clarity and reassurance.


At Design Thoughts we sincerely appreciate the importance of the client’s precious time.
Because every process from design through to execution is carefully regulated. The result
is quality, finishing, and attention to detail but also project delivery on time.


Design Thoughts believes in having strong and lasting relations. Our prompt, friendly and efficient customer service will exceed your expectations.


The relation between Living, Kitchen, Puja, and Staircase  

The relation between Living, Kitchen, Puja, and Staircase  

The relation between Living, Kitchen, Puja, and Staircase


Client highlighted his building should be one of the Top Architecture in Bangalore, so he wanted his buildings Planning, Design and Construction should look after by Top Architects in Bangalore. By keeping this in mind Client came for us i.e., Design Thoughts Architects in Bangalore for his Residential Architecture. He had  very elaborate requirement for his 60*40 site such as Car Parking, Veranda, Entrance Lobby, Puja, Living Area, Kitchen, Bedroom, Attached Toilet, Common Toilet and Staircase all these requirements should be achieved living common setback all around. Hence, regarding  Space management common area such as Entrance Lobby, Living, Kitchen, Staircase these areas should coordinate well in terms of Circulation and Furniture Layout.


The Layout Sketch which we done before the Construction of the Residential Building. This layout shows both Interior Design and Exterior design

Entrance area:

A building’s entrance is the threshold between the exterior and interior, it contributes to the overall identity of the development and plays an important role in the impression and experience formed by visitors.


The Kitchen Interior Design include enough space for us to work comfortably so that we can complete your normal routine. The length of the countertops is large so that it gives more space to work but no matter what, the main concern we kept in our mind is that the material we  chose that it is durable and easy to clean.

Stairs with skylight:

Stairwells are notoriously dark because it is located in the center of the we  Added Skylights Design over the stairwell not only brightens up the stairs, but it also spills natural light into rooms next to the stairs.

Living area:

The lobby it leads to the living area.  we have french windows so that it leads the natural light to the room and avoid artificial light. We have tv units next to the lobby. And The living room is the one room in the house where everyone is expected to come together to enjoy some communal time, so it’s worth investing a lot of effort and thought into the design scheme. In living area we have we have tv unit which is made with wooden work so it co relates with material used in the building we have storage space in the tv units so that we can use for to keep so electronic items. Living area we used fall ceiling with some unique design so that it looks more elegant because the living area is the main place in the building. We need more natural light in the living area so we used large windows so that it gives natural light to the living room. And it has puja room next to the living area.

Puja room:

In this project we used contemporary architecture and we used wood door and jail work so that it leads the sunlight to the puja room so the nature light fall on the puja room. And the puja room is kept in the north west corner of the house to enhance the positive energies.

Overall as a Best Architects in Bangalore, We are very much satisfied when this project get to an end as expected dates. Planning, Design and Construction of the Residential building in Bangalore are very well executed. Client was happy at the end when his Dream Home comes True.

For more details about the project,

Contact: 7022169882

Design Thoughts Architects,


Contemporary and Traditional Architecture

Contemporary and Traditional Architecture

Contemporary and Traditional Architecture

Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.”

The design of explicit time and culture is appeared to act as a perfect mirror, which will replicate a correct understanding concerning the manner within which the society has developed over the years.

The house fuses ancient forms and native materials in a trendy thanks to modifying the use of the natural facet and orientation of the location.

In straightforward words, it presents a transparent insight into all the most recent developments a society has witnessed with the days.

If you closely investigate the design history, you’ll be able to simply comprehend the shift that has taken place from the normal design observe to today’s up to date observe.
However, the class and therefore the richness that ancient design styles will bring round a building structure remains well-admired by several design enthusiasts everywhere the globe.

People who would like to maintain a link to their past invariably value more highly to build use of ancient design observe whereas constructing their new building structures in order that their regional heritage continues.

Blending within the ancient design in conjunction with trendy up to date styles is that the best bet to stay alive the magic of ancient Indian styles in conjunction with the convenience of up to date styles.

In terms of materials, the house is firmly rooted in the history of tradition through the use of delicately exposed brick and stone (used for cladding and to create external walls), which gets well blended with Contemporary approach by accents of C-projection and cantilevering balcony to accentuate the elevation.

Traditional Indian designs were not only about the aesthetic appeal but also rather blending in with the climate & atmosphere of a particular region.

In this residence, the building has a subtle and balanced look with a fusion of Contemporary style and Traditional look.





Minimalist Architecture

Minimalism or minimalist art can be seen as extending the abstract idea that art should have its own reality and not be an imitation of some other thing. 

Minimalism is also important to the visual arts and design. While it may seem like a simple principle, achieving excellence in the Minimalist style requires great skill. It asks artists, designers, and architects to break things down into their essential elements, using simple forms to produce harmonious work.

Minimalism describes movements in varied kinds of art and style, particularly visual art and music, wherever the work is stripped right down to its most elementary options. As a selected movement within the arts it’s known with developments in the post–World War II Western Art, most powerfully with Yankee visual arts within the late Nineteen Sixties and early Seventies. distinguished artists related to this movement embrace Donald Judd, John McLaughlin, Agnes Martin, Dan Flavin, Robert Morris, Anne Truitt, and Frank Stella. it’s stock-still within the subtractive aspects of Modernism and is usually understood as a reaction against art movement and a bridge to genre art practices. The terms have expanded to cover a movement in music that options repetition and iteration, as within the compositions of Los Angeles four-card monte Young, Terry James Whitcomb Riley, composer, Philip Glass, and President Adams. Minimalist compositions area unit typically referred to as systems music. (See conjointly Postminimalism). The term “minimalist” is usually applied conversationally to designate something that is spare or stripped to its necessities. it’s conjointly been wont to describe the plays and novels of a writer, the films of Henry M. Robert Bresson, the stories of Raymond Carver, and even the auto styles of Colin Chapman. The word was initially employed in English within the early twentieth century to explain the Mensheviks.

Minimalist style

The reconstruction of Ludwig Mie’s van der Rohe’s German collapsible shelter in an urban center. The term artistic movement is additionally wont to describe a trend in style and design wherever within the subject is reduced to its necessary components.

In this project, the style involves the utilization of straightforward design components while not Ornamentation or Decoration.

The content and variety of the look is condensed to its base necessities and divulges actuality essence of design by creating use of two key components that’s Sun breakers and C-Projections. 



Minimalist style has been extremely influenced by Japanese ancient style and design. Additionally, the work of First State Stijn artists may be a major supply of reference for this sort of labor.

First State Stijn expanded the ideas that might be expressed by mistreatment basic components like lines and planes organized in terribly explicit manners.

Designer Ludwig Mie’s van der Rohe adopted the locution “Less is more” to explain his aesthetic maneuver of composing the many necessary parts of a building to make a sway of maximum simplicity, by achievement each component and detail to serve multiple visual and useful functions (such as planning a floor to conjointly function the radiator, or an enormous hearth to conjointly house the bathroom).

Designer engineer adopted the engineer’s goal of “Doing a lot of with less”, however his issues were adjusted towards technology and engineering instead of aesthetics. the same sentiment was industrial designer Dieter Rams’ locution, “Less however better” tailored from van der Rohe. The structure uses comparatively straightforward elegant designs; ornamentation’s area unit quality instead of amount.

The structure’s beauty is additionally determined by twiddling with lighting, mistreatment the essential geometric shapes as outlines, mistreatment solely one form or a little variety of like shapes for parts for style unity, mistreatment tasteful non-fussy bright color combos, typically natural textures and colors, and clean and fine finishes. mistreatment typically the wonder of natural patterns on stone protective cover and real wood encapsulated at intervals ordered simplified structures, and real metal manufacturing a simplified however prestigious design and interior style.

Might use color brightness balance and distinction between surface colors to enhance visual aesthetics. The structure would typically have industrial and time vogue utilities (lamps, stoves, stairs, technology, etc.), neat and straight parts (like walls or stairs) that seem to be machined with machines, flat or nearly flat roofs, pleasing negative areas, and huge windows to let in a lot of daylight. This and fantasy might have contributed to the late twentieth-century futurist design style, and trendy home ornament. trendy minimalist home design with its inessential internal walls removed in all probability have a diode to the recognition of the open set up room and lounge vogue.

Another trendy master WHO exemplifies reductive ideas is Luis Barragan. In artistic movement, the subject area designers pay special attention to the affiliation between excellent planes, elegant lighting,  careful thought of the void areas left by the removal of three-dimensional shapes from a subject area style. A lot of engaging trying minimalist home styles don’t seem to be really minimalist, as a result of these use costlier building materials and finishes, and area unit comparatively larger.

For Minimalist style of Architecture for your building 

Contact- 7022169882


Designing children’s rooms

Designing children’s rooms

Designing children’s rooms

Kids aren’t easy to please. They’re very specific with their preferences and tend to have strong likes and dislikes. So, when designing kids’ room, their tastes have to be kept in mind. After all, the tiny tots will be very vocal about their opinion, no matter how elegantly the room is designed.

What to keep in mind when designing kids’ rooms ?

Go bright: Children love rooms that are colourful. However, each colour can have its effects on psychology, so choose what shades to use judiciously. For example, blue is known for it’s calming effects while red is known for the opposite. Hence red works as an accent colour instead of the colour for the whole room. Keep in mind that kids grow out of some shades very quickly- such as pink. So, using wallpapers, wall decals, art, rugs and textures in the colour and keeping the walls neutral can help the room grow with the child. This can also help when accessorising as it is easier to pair neutral palettes with other colours. Alternatively, mixing multiple colours strategically can also look great.

Add multiple lighting to the room:

Be sure to provide enough lighting for the kids to do their work without straining their eyes. A good overall light, a reading light and night lights are some basic necessities for a kid’s room..

Keep it kid friendly:

A child’s room will have face a lot of manhandling. Be it the walls or objects placed within his/her reach. So, when painting the walls use a satin or eggshell finish to cope up with stains easily. Also keep drawers and shelves at their height as it promotes their usage. Use their toys and books as décor or decorate using their favourite things as a theme for the room.

Using glow in the dark stickers or paint to add a night sky or having a stretch of wall painted with chalkboard paint so your kids can draw on the walls are some simple yet fun additions to the room.

Remember, this is probably where your child will spend most of their time growing up. So, make sure it’s a space they’ll love. Let them contribute to decorating the room. Any furniture you know they’ll grow out of can be painted by the kids themselves. Who knows, maybe those might turn out to be their cherished memorabilia someday.

Modern Windows for a Modern house

Modern Windows for a Modern house

Modern Windows: A Modern house !

There should always be a blend of the elements in right proportion to make it more accessible. Natural light is something that never goes out of style, but homes that maximize natural lighting in a stylish way are among the top requests .People are looking for wide, expansive glass, lift-and-slide doors, and sets of large windows placed together. This allows unparalleled views and maximum daylight for the home.

Bronze Clad Windows in 2018

This year, one of the hottest window trends is the introduction of bronze-clad wooden windows. This window trend uses an extruded bronze cladding around wooden window frames is the perfect blend of durability and style.

New Energy Efficient Windows

The popularity of energy-efficient windows has been growing for so many years, they might not even be considered a “trend” at this point, but rather the new normal. Double and triple-paned windows can be filled with insulating gasses such as argon that can improve your home’s effective.

Less is more: Modern homes feature fewer windows in larger sizes.

  • Thin, clean sight lines: Modern window frames are typically thin and unadorned with flat, narrow profiles.
  • Angular hardware:Rather than fluid lines and scroll details, contemporary window hardware is simple and squared off. It’s also often flush-mounted to hide it from view, making the window appear as streamlined as possible.
  • Aluminum frames: Aluminum is the most common material used in contemporary window frames. The clean, smooth surface lends itself to a very modern appearance.
  • Choose corner windows: By opening up the corner to the outside, you enjoy panoramic views with fewer sightline interruptions.
  • Use sleek window coverings: Flowing drapes and outdated Venetian blinds don’t fit with a modern design scheme.

Windows do more than just provide light, ventilation, and a view of the exterior. If you listen, they’ll let you know when something is wrong.

The Window Seal Has Broken

If condensation forms between the sheets of glass, this means the double- or triple-pane window has a broken seal. Moisture has found its way in through the leak and caused your windows to fog up. A broken seal negates the insulating benefits of a multi-pane window, so you should have the panel replaced as soon as possible.

The Wood Frame Is Swelling

Is your double-hung wood window difficult to open and close? It could be trying to tell you that the wood has started swelling in response to high humidity. Simply sanding down the wood panes should help them slide more easily all year round despite changes in the weather.

Contemporary Architecture

Contemporary Architecture

This blog intends to focus on some primary elements and factors considered while conceptualizing Contemporary Styled buildings. Read through this article to understand about modern architecture and simple spaces.

1. Simple Plans and Forms

Contemporary Architecture focuses on large and clear spaces rather than adding unnecessary design elements which would essentially clutter the usable spaces. Plain simple and whole spaces are preferred which increases a sense of vastness or volume. Any differentiation of spaces is rather created by levels or forms rather than closed rooms.

Simplicity of the elevation increases the elegance and gives uncluttered and classy appearance. Usage of limited materials and colors also increases the appeal of the elevation.

Sample Plan

The simplicity of the plan is reflected in the elevation. Open kitchen, dining are designed to be a continuation of the living room, giving wide and easy circulation areas.

Image Credits:

2. Preference of Geometry

Contemporary architects prefer straight or angled lines and geometric shapes in most elements like windows, doors, openings, floor plans or even forms. Curved lines are also used in some cases if it is relevant to the overall language of the building structure.

Zaha Hadid library and Learning center

This library by Zaha Hadid architects gives a perfect example of how the windows and openings are arranged to accentuate the form of the building as well as give aesthetic value by using repetitive lines.

This contemporary residence combines the use of windows, pathway, columns and the swimming pool to create geometrical shapes in all X, Y and Z planes.

Image Credits:

3. Highlighting

Houses have extended roofs at one or multiple sides and at multiple levels which gives an illusion of complex structure. Sky lights, vaults or pergolas are also added to bring about design variation.

Here, the vertical window openings are used to break the monotony of the blank wall. The stone cladding and surrounding landscaping adds a notion of strength to the building.

Image Credits:

Casa Hacia el Rio Residence in Ecuador

All roof slabs have been extruded to highlight the geometry of the building. This is often coupled with bold colors or cladding on the roof lines on ceiling to bring about the distinction between walls and roof.

4. Windows as Design

Contemporary architecture often features large openings to allow maximum light, ventilation and openness in the design. These are also used as design element while Floor to Ceiling length windows or open able French doors are used to accentuate more public spaces. Commercial spaces are enhanced by using form-based glass facades and double height atriums.

This image shows contemporary architects experimenting and using
windows and openings as design elements by use of contrasting colors.

Image credits:




An example of innovative use of full length windows to create patterns and
interesting features on the façade.

Image credits:

5. Division of Spaces

Floor plans usually tend to have open halls and kitchens and are only divided by difference in levels, materials or colors. These sunken living rooms have caught on the trend and are being used in most modern designs. The usage of internal walls is minimized to a very great extent allowing maximum light and also better interconnectivity between all areas of the building.

Image Credits:

Steps leading to a lower level living room creates an interesting and sophisticated look. The projecting slab looking over the living room from the First floor gives visual clarity and easier communication mode. The simplicity of materials and color adds a look of elegance.

The delineating in spaces is shown by sunken spaces. The final look is chic and the volume of the space increases due to the larger headroom

Image Credits:

6. Usage of Landscape

The concept of courtyard or internal landscaping provides green relief in the house. Commonly used spaces such as dining room, living room, study, etc are directed towards the green area which is either open to sky or uses sky lights. Various styles of landscaping like miniature Bonsai gardens, Zen gardens, pebbles, cacti or perennial plants are used to enliven the spaces.

Incorporating water body, greenery and earthen colors creates tranquil spaces and cuts the monotony of concrete structures.

Internal or external courtyards integrated with living/dining spaces provide a refreshing look for the spaces.

Image Credits:

7. Material Focus

Contemporary style of architecture focuses mainly on clarity rather than complexity of design. Therefore, the materials and colors used are simple or earthy. Extensive glass of wood and glass is combined with rough stone claddings. Colors used are mainly shades of grey or white though individual design may demand a varied usage of materials and colors.

A typical example of usage of contemporary materials to create rustic features.

Materials in Contemporary architecture does not necessarily mean absence of colors but maintenance of simplicity or thematic designs rather than a clutter of unrelated materials.

British Colonial Architecture

British Colonial Architecture

Features & Characteristics:

English Colonial buildings typically included medieval details including steep roofs, small windows and minimal ornamentation. Colonial homes are symmetrical, with a centered front door and an equal number of windows on each side. A typical number of windows showing on the front of the home is nine: two on each side of the door, two windows directly above the first story windows on the second story, and one directly above the door.

Palladian windows at the center to represent building symmetrically. Homes have a central chimney or one on each end of the house. Inside the home, a central stairway leads to upper bedrooms branching off from a central hallway. Wide Porches at the front with corner pilaster/ columned portico.

Some major elements and features include: Dormer windows light and ventilation for top floors Triangular pediment as shading device. Hipped roof or steeped roof. Decorative elements like frieze. Dentils, oval stained glass windows, curved balustrades.


  • Features commonly associated with the square or rectangular shape of the entire house.
  • This style emphasizes upon using heavily-paneled entrance doors. Further, the doors have flattened columns on each side.


Here are some sample Architecture Design that we can work on for those willing to build their homes with this concept:

The following is another representation of how a British Colonial style house can be designed:

Features and Dimensions:

  • Plot Size: 60’*60′ (3600 Sqft)
  • Garage: Attached Type and facility for two cars. 413 sq. ft space has been allocated.
  • Total Living Area:
    • Living Area: 3,048 sq. ft. | First Floor: 1,384 sq. ft. | Second Floor: 1,292 sq. ft.

Here is a collection of some more designs that could be improvised and enabled technically with smart features and interiors that suit today’s requirements in India. Aesthetically these buildings are pleasing and extend a Luxurious Feeling. For larger sized plots, one could integrate this with nice Landscapes and water bodies, designed depending on the type of usage.