Minimalist Architecture

Minimalism or minimalist art can be seen as extending the abstract idea that art should have its own reality and not be an imitation of some other thing. 

Minimalism is also important to the visual arts and design. While it may seem like a simple principle, achieving excellence in the Minimalist style requires great skill. It asks artists, designers, and architects to break things down into their essential elements, using simple forms to produce harmonious work.

Minimalism describes movements in varied kinds of art and style, particularly visual art and music, wherever the work is stripped right down to its most elementary options. As a selected movement within the arts it’s known with developments in the post–World War II Western Art, most powerfully with Yankee visual arts within the late Nineteen Sixties and early Seventies. distinguished artists related to this movement embrace Donald Judd, John McLaughlin, Agnes Martin, Dan Flavin, Robert Morris, Anne Truitt, and Frank Stella. it’s stock-still within the subtractive aspects of Modernism and is usually understood as a reaction against art movement and a bridge to genre art practices. The terms have expanded to cover a movement in music that options repetition and iteration, as within the compositions of Los Angeles four-card monte Young, Terry James Whitcomb Riley, composer, Philip Glass, and President Adams. Minimalist compositions area unit typically referred to as systems music. (See conjointly Postminimalism). The term “minimalist” is usually applied conversationally to designate something that is spare or stripped to its necessities. it’s conjointly been wont to describe the plays and novels of a writer, the films of Henry M. Robert Bresson, the stories of Raymond Carver, and even the auto styles of Colin Chapman. The word was initially employed in English within the early twentieth century to explain the Mensheviks.

Minimalist style

The reconstruction of Ludwig Mie’s van der Rohe’s German collapsible shelter in an urban center. The term artistic movement is additionally wont to describe a trend in style and design wherever within the subject is reduced to its necessary components.

In this project, the style involves the utilization of straightforward design components while not Ornamentation or Decoration.

The content and variety of the look is condensed to its base necessities and divulges actuality essence of design by creating use of two key components that’s Sun breakers and C-Projections. 



Minimalist style has been extremely influenced by Japanese ancient style and design. Additionally, the work of First State Stijn artists may be a major supply of reference for this sort of labor.

First State Stijn expanded the ideas that might be expressed by mistreatment basic components like lines and planes organized in terribly explicit manners.

Designer Ludwig Mie’s van der Rohe adopted the locution “Less is more” to explain his aesthetic maneuver of composing the many necessary parts of a building to make a sway of maximum simplicity, by achievement each component and detail to serve multiple visual and useful functions (such as planning a floor to conjointly function the radiator, or an enormous hearth to conjointly house the bathroom).

Designer engineer adopted the engineer’s goal of “Doing a lot of with less”, however his issues were adjusted towards technology and engineering instead of aesthetics. the same sentiment was industrial designer Dieter Rams’ locution, “Less however better” tailored from van der Rohe. The structure uses comparatively straightforward elegant designs; ornamentation’s area unit quality instead of amount.

The structure’s beauty is additionally determined by twiddling with lighting, mistreatment the essential geometric shapes as outlines, mistreatment solely one form or a little variety of like shapes for parts for style unity, mistreatment tasteful non-fussy bright color combos, typically natural textures and colors, and clean and fine finishes. mistreatment typically the wonder of natural patterns on stone protective cover and real wood encapsulated at intervals ordered simplified structures, and real metal manufacturing a simplified however prestigious design and interior style.

Might use color brightness balance and distinction between surface colors to enhance visual aesthetics. The structure would typically have industrial and time vogue utilities (lamps, stoves, stairs, technology, etc.), neat and straight parts (like walls or stairs) that seem to be machined with machines, flat or nearly flat roofs, pleasing negative areas, and huge windows to let in a lot of daylight. This and fantasy might have contributed to the late twentieth-century futurist design style, and trendy home ornament. trendy minimalist home design with its inessential internal walls removed in all probability have a diode to the recognition of the open set up room and lounge vogue.

Another trendy master WHO exemplifies reductive ideas is Luis Barragan. In artistic movement, the subject area designers pay special attention to the affiliation between excellent planes, elegant lighting,  careful thought of the void areas left by the removal of three-dimensional shapes from a subject area style. A lot of engaging trying minimalist home styles don’t seem to be really minimalist, as a result of these use costlier building materials and finishes, and area unit comparatively larger.

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Dr. Ravichandra Residence

Dr. Ravichandra Residence

Mr. Ravichandran

A three storey colonial style house with a colonnaded porch providing a rich and grand look.

Concept: The colonial style house with double height classical columns provides a royal look to the elevation. The entrance consists of semi circular stairs leading right up to the entrance door. The interiors of the house is contained with spacious living spaces along with terrace garden and a swimming pool.
Project Type: Colonial style
Location: Sahakarnagar, Bangalore
Plot size: 60×40
Built up area: 5000 sft
Project cost: 1.5 crores

Mrs. Vishalakshi Residence

Mrs. Vishalakshi Residence

Mrs. Vishalakshi

Linear contemporary architecture, with solids and voids and circular corner projections.

Concept: The apartment comprises of stilt and 3 floors with 2BHK residential rent units and stilt being the parking area and 1 BHK rent house and 3rd floor had a duplex unit for their own purpose. The elevation is very contemporary and since its in a dense residential area we cannot design the elevation to look more linear so we kept it simple and tried to break the elevation into parts.
Project Type: Modern house
Location: RajajiNagar, Bangalore
Plot size: 30X80
Built up area: Approx 5500 sft
Project cost: 95 lakhs

Mr. Appu Metgud’s Residence

Mr. Appu Metgud’s Residence

Mr. Appu Metgud’s Residence

It is a G+1 independent house. 3BHK family unit.

Concept: A contemporary style house with very simplistic design. The house is simple composition of squares & rectangles with projecting balconies with huge windows.Neutral colours combination adds to the contemporary look of the building.
Project Type: Modern simple
Location: Belgam
Plot size: 60×40
Built up area: 2653 sft
Project cost: 1.2 crore

Mr. Madusudan Residence

Mr. Madusudan Residence

Mr. Madusudan

It is a contemporary, duplex bungalow with spacious interior spaces along with a beautiful garden in the front.

Concept: This house, being located along the corner gives a very good scope of playing with solid mass of the building. The bare solid mass/wall in front is utilised in providing cladding material of different choice thus, enhancing the elevation of the building. The pergola in the front enlarges the scale of the building due to its high location and also forms different patterns in the garden all throughout the daytime. The entrance porch contains a large wide glass entrance doors bringing in a lot of light into the building and also providing a good view to the garden.
Project Type: Contemporary house style
Location: Kudlu Gate, Bangalore
Plot size: 60x40
Built up area: 3700 sft
Project cost: 25 lakhs

Dr. Rajendra Prasad’s Residence

Dr. Rajendra Prasad’s Residence

Dr. Rajendra Prasad

Simple & modern design with projecting out elements & simple entrance porch with pergola design.

Concept: A contemporary style home defines with proper use of plot, with enough natural light & ventilation & different geometrical exterior projections.
Project Type: Modern
Location: Tumkur
Plot size: 40×40
Built up area: 2042 sft
Project cost: 55 lakhs

Mr. Vamshi Residence

Mr. Vamshi Residence

Mr. vamshi

A duplex contemporary style house located in brookefield with minimalistic design.

Concept: The contemporary style house is a result of architectural massing. The creation of massing has resulted in providing solids and voids to the building. The pergola in the front and the open balcony towards the side adds an element of interest into the building. Also the use of warm shades of colour like the bright red and brown used for the pergola and the cladding respectively provides an aesthetic look to the house.
Project Type: Modern
Location: Brookefiled, Bangalore
Plot size: No Data
Built up area: 1630 sft
Project cost: 49 lakhs

Mrs. Jayabhat Residence

Mrs. Jayabhat Residence

Residence for Mrs. Jayabhat

An independent contemporary style bungalow located in the suburbs of Bangalore.

Concept: This contemporary style house is 3 storeys high with projected bay windows providing beautiful views towards the suburban environment around the house. The projected slab with wooden decking enhances the overall look of the building and it also serves as chajjas to all the windows under it. The pergola in front provides a semi covered shelter to the car parking space and is used to grow various creepers on it to provide shade.
Project Type: Contemporary house style
Location: Idyaranyapura, Bangalore
Plot size: 60×40
Built up area: 3800 sft
Project cost: 82 lakhs