Architecture Services

Architecture Services

At Design Thoughts, the best architectural firm, the process goes beyond mere spatial design. We think long term- in terms of utility, functionality and sustainability. Our works as architectural designers don’t end when the last brick is laid, it continues on for however long that building exists. With this vision, our architects design with the use of sustainable materials, modulation of built and un-built spaces, passive energy harvesting or natural resource conservation options. This ensures long term benefits for both the environment as well as the users.

Some of our design strengths include:

» British colonial style structures
» Contemporary Architecture
» Spanish Colonial style
» Vernacular Architecture
» Traditional Architecture

At Design Thoughts, we appreciate and respect the client’s preference of building design and architecture style and can design and execute buildings of all styles. Feel free to connect with our top residential architects or commercial architects to gain clarity or drop us a message with your queries and we will get back to you.

Construction Service

Construction Service

Our highly skilled team along with our associates offer quality construction services. Our long experience and passion for construction has resulted in successful completion of a diverse range of buildings from luxury villas, residential apartments to high-rise buildings and much more.

Adoption of the latest technology and workforce orientation are key factors of our success. With fourteen years of experience, we move with the latest developments and trends- integrating intricate design with sturdy construction for creating exquisite structures.

Some types of construction services we offer are:

♥ Residential Buildings

♥ Villas and Villaments

♥ Low Raised Apartments

♥ Commercial Buildings

♥ Educational Buildings and Campuses

♥ Hotels and Service Apartments

♥ Industrial Parks and Software Techparks

♥ Convention Centres & Malls

We work in harmony with external consultants and contractors involved in the project. Similarly, maximum benefits are extended to our clients as well. With complete documentation and transparency of our work, you can rest assured that your project is in safe hands.

Interior Design Service

Interior Design Service

Our expert team of interior designers make sure to understand each client’s tastes. Depending on their lifestyle, requirements and necessities, our interior designing services create an extensive collection starting from materials and prints to plumbing, lighting, furniture, accessories etc. With rigorous attention to detail, we hand-pick every item to make sure everything looks gorgeous and cohesive. Luxury, functionality and comfort are the cornerstones of our interior design.

At Design Thoughts, leading interior designers in bangalore, we’re all storytellers and we aim to create fairy-tales.