Mr. Vijay Machigud

Mr. Vijay Machigud

The central wall projection with brick cladding breaks the harmony of the facade, giving it a very subtle look. the pergola and materials, embraces the facade, giving it a sense of uniquness.

Concept: A beautiful villa concept with partial slope and modern planning, with duplex house with garden in front. The slope towards the top balances the entire facade, Making it more elegant.The box projection, Uplifts the bay windows in the facade, Giving it a very elegant look.Verticals in front, Allows diffused light inside and creates light and shadow effect.
Project Type: contemporary house style
Location: kanakpura road
Plot size: 40×60
Built up area: 4000 sft
Project cost: 1.5 crore

Mr. Ankush

Mr. Ankush

Mr. Ankush

The façade follows a three color concept. Grey - white - brown . GREY- tado ando concrete finishing is given for the façade. Dark grey – given with a textured finish given for the balcony projection WHITE- used for the walls of the balcony having given a textured finish.

Concept: The house will stand for its elegance , simple mass Modernistic look , minimalistic approach. Being given equal treatment on all aspects like material, color, the mass, the function the design results in achieving balance, harmony, Simplicity.
Project Type: Minimilistic contemporary
Location: Vidyaranyapura, Bangalore
Plot size: 30*40
Built up area: 3000 sft
Project cost: 75 lakh

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Villa for Mr. Ravichandran

A three storey colonial style house with a colonnaded porch

• Location : Sahakarnagar ,Bangalore
• Plot size: 60’ x 40’
• Built up area: 5000 sft
• Project cost: 1.5 crores

Concept: The colonial style house with double height classical columns provides a royal look to the elevation. The entrance consists of semi circular stairs leading right up to the entrance door. The interiors of the house is contained with spacious living spaces along with terrace garden and a swimming pool.

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