Services for Builders and Developers

Architects at Design Thoughts have worked with renowned builders and developers across the world. Having extended our design and construction epertise to over 4 Million SFT, we are set to achieve greater heights by adding immense value to the projects that we associate with. Our association with well experienced consultants in the Structural, Plumbing, Electrical and other segments of the construction industry make it easy for builders and developers to work with us.

Our exclusive services for builders and developers include: 

  • Architecture
  • Project Management
  • Visualization
  • Interior Design
  • Master Planning
  • Cost Estimation
  • Bylaws Advisory
  • Landscape Design

We ensure that every project is contemporarily styled and is distentive. Our in-house team consists of Architects, 3D- Visualizers, Project Managers, Process Engineers, with deep understanding of the latest trends in structural, plumbing and electrical applications. Our team is capable of handling projects of all complexities, sizes & scale. Clients are promised with results that are aesthetic, energy efficient and cost effective.

Our specialization includes

♠ High Raised Apartments
♠ Low Raised Apartments
♠ Villas & Villaments
♠ Row Houses
♠ Residential mix complex
♠ Service Apartments
♠ Designs for Hospitality Sector
♠ Entertainment Sector
♠ Commercial Malls for Retail Segment
♠ Educational Buildings


“Thank you for all your professional help over a number of ideas and a successful project. I have always appreciated your support, advice and patience in taking the  project forward and seeing it to its final  conclusion.”

Mr. Manu, Ittina Developers

“Mahantesh and his staff of talented architects have been a pleasure to work with. They work
collaboratively with other consultants and general contractors to ensure that the vision and all objectives of the project are met.”

Mr. Sandeep Kumar, TG Developers

“Its surely a pride and honor to be a client of Design Thoughts where Mr. Mahantesh and his team approaches each project with a unique combination of passion and practicality. I would recommend them to my friends and relatives.”

Mr. Sharath – VVentures

Mr. Sharath – VVentures

“I have had the opportunity to work with Design Thoughts and have been impressed with their ability to manage teams, careful attention to details, and passion for great design and architecture that lead to successful projects."

Mr Murali – Sai Murali Builders

Working with Design Thoughts was a pleasure. They balanced the architectural vision and project realities beautifully, with clarity of our priorities. The blend of personal style and understanding led to a beautiful, practical solution.

Mr. Subramani – Sanjana Builders

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