Stunning Contemporary Architecture Villa Design

This Amazing Contemporary Architecture Villa Design is based on new ideas and innovative technologies of construction, majorly the use of glass, steel, and reinforced concrete. The main design idea is that form should follow function (functionalism) and a rejection of ornament.

Contemporary Architecture Villa Design:

This is a 40’X60′ Contemporary residential villa which is located in  Davangere, Karnataka with a budget of 1.3 crores. There is a use of minimal material finishes and a balanced composition in the front façade.

  • The plan consists of  2 parking, a clinic space, and a swimming pool on the ground floor.

Foyer, living area, bedroom, kitchen, dining, utility, courtyard space, and toilets on the first floor. The second floor consists of  2 bedrooms, a master bedroom, and a family area. The terrace has a bedroom space, a balcony, and a large open terrace.  


  • The design includes a parking space that can fit two cars and three bikes parking. There’s also a swimming pool just adjacent to the parking space. There are landscaping components on the front porch, as well as a pedestrian sidewalk that leads to the main entrance.

Clinic Space:

  • There is a  clinic space as the client is a doctor by profession which consist of a waiting lounge, consultancy room, storage space, and a toilet on the ground floor.

Living Area:

  • The living area (18’X21’) has a courtyard space next to it which allows a good amount of light and ventilation to the space and also it has a balcony space.  The double-height courtyard concept is one of the design approaches which makes the project more efficient.  Next to the living room is an open dining area that serves as an interacting zone.


  • Dining is located next to the kitchen for convenient access to the kitchen. A six-seater table can be accommodated in the dining room.


  • The L-shaped kitchen is designed so that the space can accommodate an ample amount of storage spaces and kitchen platforms on two sides. There is a utility and an open dining space designed next to it for easy accessibility.

Master Bedroom:

  • The Master bedroom is spacious of 17’x 14’ with multiple window openings which bring ample amount of light and ventilation. The bedroom consists of a dressing area and a walk-in wardrobe space. In addition, there is a 6′ wide balcony space adjacent to it that allows natural light to enter and brightens the space in the morning.

Terrace Area:

  • The terrace area has a separate bedroom area, balcony, and a large open terrace which can be used as an open multi-purpose area.

Elevation Features :

  • The design uses minimal finishes such as funder max for ceiling, paint finish, and concrete finish.
  • Including a landscape aspect in the design improves the overall efficiency of the project.
  • The compound wall has a paint finish that complements the facade design, and the MS gate matches the compound wall.
  • The master bedroom balcony is encased in an MS frame, which casts a shadow pattern in the evening and adds a vibrant aspect to the area.