Designing Children’s Rooms

Kids aren’t easy to please. They’re very specific with their preferences and tend to have strong likes and dislikes. So, when designing children's room, their tastes have to be kept in mind. After all, the tiny tots will be very vocal about their opinion, no matter how elegantly the room is designed.

What to keep in Mind when Designing Kids’ Rooms ?

Go bright: Children love rooms that are colourful. However, each colour can have its effects on psychology, so choose what shades to use judiciously. For example, blue is known for it’s calming effects while red is known for the opposite. Hence red works as an accent colour instead of the colour for the whole room. Keep in mind that kids grow out of some shades very quickly- such as pink. So, using wallpapers, wall decals, art, rugs and textures in the colour and keeping the walls neutral can help the room grow with the child. This can also help when accessorising as it is easier to pair neutral palettes with other colours. Alternatively, mixing multiple colours strategically can also look great.

Add multiple lighting to the room:

Be sure to provide enough lighting for the kids to do their work without straining their eyes. A good overall light, a reading light and night lights are some basic necessities for a kid’s room..

Keep it Kid Friendly:

A child’s room will have face a lot of manhandling. Be it the walls or objects placed within his/her reach. So, when painting the walls use a satin or eggshell finish to cope up with stains easily. Also keep drawers and shelves at their height as it promotes their usage. Use their toys and books as décor or decorate using their favourite things as a theme for the room.

Using glow in the dark stickers or paint to add a night sky or having a stretch of wall painted with chalkboard paint so your kids can draw on the walls are some simple yet fun additions to the room.

Remember, this is probably where your child will spend most of their time growing up. So, make sure it’s a space they’ll love. Let them contribute to decorating the room. Any furniture you know they’ll grow out of can be painted by the kids themselves. Who knows, maybe those might turn out to be their cherished memorabilia someday.