Designing Post Covid-19 Work-spaces

Covid-19 has definitely changed the outlook of designing throughout the world. The field of Architecture and Design now relies heavily on technology-related tools and virtual calls for project submissions. Organizations need new think tank strategies to drive the momentum and produce successful designs which are exciting challenges. How can one now design work-spaces? Do read below 5 tips to design workstations effectively and efficiently. 

Transportable Furniture –

The COVID-19 has drastically shifted the concept of furniture in work spaces. Till the pandemic, work spaces were created to be functional and increase productivity in an organization. Now, organizations must use systems and furniture that can be easily transported. This increased the convenience factor and would be beneficial if there is a need for employees to work from home.

Invest in Mental Health Facilities –

If there is one lesson, all of us have learned it is that mental health is as important as our physical health. Organizations need to invest in spaces where employees can relax mentally and take sufficient breaks to enhance productivity. Facilities such as meditation centers, gyms, and on-campus parks should be created to give holistic amenities to employees for their overall development and promote happiness.

Shared Workspaces –

Returning to the workspace is going to be challenging for any organization. To keep the transition easy and flexible, the organizations can create shared work-spaces to socialize and collaborate. The spaces can be created using soft furnishings, lush materials, and crafted finishes to give it a residentially inspired setting.

Safety First –

People should feel at ease when they start working at organizations. To aid the psychological safety of the employees, work-spaces must have strategies for enhanced safety. Measures such as physical distancing and cleaning protocols are required to create a safer work environment.

Open Floor Workspaces-

First and foremost, open floor plans are much easier to clean and limit the amount of surface areas employees will touch, making offices safe from a distancing perspective but perhaps relatively unsafe from a germ spreading perspective.  Similarly, more likely than not every office uses the same HVAC system, which is known to spread COVID-19. Proper ventilation is key to preventing the spread of COVID-19 and other pathogens, and having an open floor plan where you can open up windows would quickly improve office ventilation.

We’re here to help you think about your post-COVID-19 workspace and how to create a new office layout to ensure your employees and Family members feel safe during this pandemic. For more such tips follow Design thoughts Architects.