Double height Living room

Every common man has a dream of building his own house. Architecture plays a vital role in building his/ her dream home. One of the Top architect  Frank Gehry said: “Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.”   

In this article, we briefly telling about the Double height living room area. Read this full article you will get to know what is the use of a double-height living area, why it is so much important to have double height in the living area.

The elements here in Double height create glamour are specific styles like bias-cut veneer furniture, Bright color fabrics which show the quality of grace, mystery & magnificence in a pattern. The living space is carefully designed with textures and functional furniture. In order to harmonize the space, we need a comparison of minimal materials, patterns, texture, colors in a Rhythmic & creative manner.

The above picture is the Design of Double height living room area. The term big and small is always relative and what could be considered a big space for a group of four could be found wanting if double the people are to be accommodated. Thus, it is possible to change the way a room or space is perceived by changing the way people get to see it as a whole. Discussed here are some of the simplest ways to add space to a premise.

In the space that we get when we build Double height can be used for more Interior Design. Architects loves to show his Best Architecture skills in these spaces. In this, we have taken Mirrors. Mirrors Contrary to the widespread perception that mirrors being one of the oldest and dried out concepts, it is possible to have some of the warmest rooms done with mirrors. They do directly improve the light available in space and in case the wall mirrors need to be made more attractive, some beneficial treatments would provide for this. If the cost factor would not be much of an issue, then it would be possible to try out something like the metallic reflectors as well.

In Interior design, painting is much needed to make the best interior design and also it helps in enriching the beauty of the Architecture. Painters do not have much of an idea as to how to use colors and patterns to increase the feel to a room. Most of the time they would be keen on pushing through the most expensive of paint types and not one that would be ideal for the application.

So, the designer needs to do the correct kind of research to identify the right type of paint to use in a location and to suggest the best color schemes. One of the most surprising things about colors is the way it interacts with neighboring shades to create a spacious feel to a room. In case a more professional opinion is needed, there are bound to be more than the usual consultants who could provide the necessary expertise.

Windows can be made bigger if we do double height. Simplify window treatments. Drapes can be found in all shapes, textures, and sizes. One of the present trends is to use separate blackout shades as well as a light curtain to suit the needs of the daytime as well as nights. It is possible to use a hybrid material that could double up as the blackout drapes as well as the light permitting one. Surprisingly, this approach not just works out cheaper it saves huge inches that need to be provided for the multi-layered curtains. When it comes to laying out the furniture in a room people can be rather inventive.

However, few individuals would try to understand the spaces enough to utilize the layout of the rooms best. It is best to have the heaviest of pieces laid along the sides of the wall and preferably with as little separation between the items and the nearest walls. The large cupboards are best handled in this manner, and it does turn out to the best of options too. At times when there are doors to closets to be opened out, it helps to keep them close to each other so that there is an overlap in the space needed to open out the cabinet covers. Rarely does it require that all the neighboring storages be opened out all at the very same time?

As a conclusion, there are numerous list of architects in market but only a good listener and professional architect can suggest a good plan for your dream home. As we are in modern era, the double-height room plays a key role Whether it’s the flowing, open space, or the wonderful, abundant natural light.