10 Best Criteria to Know the Estimation of Your Dream House

Who doesn’t fantasize about having their own Dream House? A lawn in front of a big façade, with plenty of space and amenities in your own private area, but in most situations, your fantasy will run into hurdles that must be overcome pragmatically. Before you start to build a house, you should estimate some important elements like affordability, land availability, legal formalities, location, house construction cost, and time till you put the final brick in the wall.

An independent house will often cost more than an apartment, but it will also appreciate more than a flat. A bungalow, villa, or row house’s building cost is generated primarily from two factors: land cost and construction cost. The cost of construction includes the cost of raw materials, shipping, and taxes. The cost of all three aspects, however, may vary depending on the project’s location. The cost estimation of a building project is influenced by several elements. Preparing a construction cost estimate for any project is a complicated procedure involving numerous variables. Here are the 10 best criteria to know the estimation of your dream house :

1. Site Preparation:

If you’re working on a site you bought yourself, you can run upon unstable soils or ledges that need blasting. It’s difficult to tell for sure until you’re in the trenches. The choice between a drilled well and a septic system versus municipal water and sewer will also be a consideration.

2. Built – Up – Area :

The project’s scale plays an important role in an effective design for your house. For example, if the project’s size is larger, more raw material will be required, and vice versa. Although getting an exact figure for new home expenses per square foot is unlikely, getting a reasonable estimate should be doable. To do so, divide the overall cost of your project, as determined by your builder, by the total square footage of your project. A large project necessitates large personnel as well as additional materials. As a result, construction costs would vary greatly depending on the size of the project. The cost of building is heavily influenced by the project’s quality as well. Whether you want to include modern facilities or keep things basic, the project quality has a significant impact on the building cost. Construction time is reduced by using high-quality construction plans and specifications that are properly executed on-site without delay. Any ambiguous language or badly drawn plan not only causes confusion but also creates doubt in the mind of the contractor, resulting in a higher construction cost.


3. Design Style :

The final estimation of your new dream house won’t be determined just by the size. When evaluating the expenses of new home construction, style, quality, and features must all be considered. When evaluating the expenses of new home construction, style, quality, and features must all be considered. The architecture of the new residence is referred to as style. Building a home that is more square or rectangular costs less per square foot. The same is true for a two-story home with the same footprint vs a one-story structure with the same footprint because a one-story home will require the same size roof and foundation, but without the additional square footage to support those underlying expenditures. In other words, the more angles, and corners you create, the more effort, materials, and money you’ll have to spend. It’s important to know the style of the design in the beginning. Each architecture design style has certain detailing and hence cost can be prepared. Specification of each design element is the key factor to having a precise estimation.

4. Requirement Brief:

A client’s residential project requirements may contain a vision, goal, and objectives for what they want the project to accomplish. They may be investigated first by a customer when they identify a necessity for a specific equilibrium that has been neutralized and factored into the equation. Gathering details of the project for a broader understanding of the project is significant for the estimation. Major items of construction can be extracted & at most clarity can be achieved. By getting the appropriate requirement brief will help to determine the estimated cost for the dream house project.

5. Types of Structure :

Frame structure, column, beam & slab, RCC structure, load-bearing, tensile, pneumatic, frame structure which is a major component & cost deciding factor for the Project. Steel and Cement are majorly used materials in this type. If there are any sheer walls like a lift pit. Cost varies based on the structural engineer’s advice and details. The floor layout of your home will have an impact on the contour of your foundation. A foundation will cost less than one with several jogs and irregularly shaped bump-outs. The complexity of your plan, like the foundation, will impact the cost of the framing. The cost will rise if you have numerous rooflines and space junctions. These details can offer a lot of complexity and visual intrigue, but if you’re working with a tight budget, you might want to put your money elsewhere.

6. Finishing Specifications:

Each client has their own choice for selecting finishing materials such as flooring, Door/window system, railing details, painting/polishing on surfaces, wall panels, and so on. The best advice is to make a list along with the client to determine the cost of the dream house.
The client has a lot of options when it comes to the quality of the materials they use in their home. Choosing their priorities in terms of budget against higher-cost things is beneficial. Only they know where they are willing to invest more.
The material and style (composite or wood, board, and batten, cedar shingles, etc.) of exterior finishes, like siding, as well as specific design elements like a cupola or a front entry porch, are all factors to consider.
Interior finishing refers to the elements that you will live with daily. Such components include flooring, crown moldings and trim packages, hardware, counter surfaces, and cabinets. It’s a good idea to go to a design center and touch and feel the different materials to decide which is more essential to you. You might have your heart set on quartz but then discover a marble product that is nearly the same and much easier to get by, or vice versa.

Structural specifications:

Floor to floor height, lintel level, plinth level, sill level, arrange an accurate quantity & arrive at precise estimation. There will be fewer assumptions. Minimize the higher percentages of variations in the cost.

7. Soil Condition:

In Soil conditions, the load of the structure can be designed accurately based on the Soil test report. Soil nature varies based on the location of the property. If it is near a lake bed area the Soil will be loose and isolated footing cannot be recommended. May require Pile foundation depending upon Soil bearing capacity. Loose soil foundation costs more than good soil because of SBC. Cost varies from isolated, combined to pile foundation. Depending on terrain and contour cost of the project also will vary – For example usage of retaining walls, pile fountain, considering wind and seismic load, shear wall. Hence, a soil test is highly recommended.

8. Major Systems:

Your heating, electricity, and plumbing systems are all essential systems. Water filtration systems, radiant heat, and forced hot or cold air, among other costs, will have an impact on the cost, as will geothermal or solar possibilities. Some options will cost more upfront but will save money on energy in the long run.
The plumbing system has evolved a lot recently as most of them want to have comfort. For example, when the tap is on, you get direct hot water. Need not wait for the bucket of cold water to get hot. Clients choose shower panels. Depending upon the size of the panel the pressure varies and requires a centralized Hydro pneumatic water pressure system to deliver the required pressure at every point at all times. The shower panel has multiple features such as a jet bath at multiple point pressure to have a water massage.
The electrical system factor to be considered while preparing estimations is to have control over the quality of the material utilized, the whole material specification must be provided. By providing complete specifications, electricians will have an easier time wiring and will have an easier time finding the necessary equipment. When deciding a material, keep in mind that over-ranges can result in expensive costs, while under-ranges might result in damage to the electrical installation. Enough manpower must be provided to complete the project. Local laborers’ expertise, appropriateness, and pay are considered. With a broad understanding of the various methods accessible, the most cost-effective method for completing work should be used.

9. Special Amenities:

In terms of your desire for luxury or convenience, the sky’s the limit. Need an Automation system for lighting fixtures, sauna/steam room, Swimming pool, home theatre, jacuzzi, gazebo, and more. It’s wonderful to fantasize, but keep in mind the cost of your unique architecture design requirements as it will affect your total estimation. The way you furnish and light your room will have an impact on the overall appearance of your dream house. If you require a wine cellar to hold a collection of wines or art lighting to highlight exceptional works, these costs must be included.

10. Getting Sanctions from Local Bodies:

Fees for construction and occupancy permits are set by each municipality or town at their authority. If you need an exception from a town ordinance, you’ll have to include it in the expenses, as well as any legal counsel or engineering plans you’ll require.