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Please look at each of the listed service attributes. Rate them by prority,based on its importance to you. Likewise, score each attribute based upon final performance.

Scoring Key
1 = poor
2 = Less than satisfactory
3 = Satisfactory
4= Good

Section 1. Project Design
a. Physical architectural appearance
b. Convenience of layout
c. Room sizes & shapes- appropriate for intended u
d. Adequacy of storage
e. Adequacy of acoustics
f. Appropriate materials and finishes
g. Interior color schemes
h. Accessibility to physically handicapped
i. Adequacy of general lighting
j. Adequacy of special task lighting
k. Convenient switches
l. Adequacy of temperature control/heating/cooling
m. Adequacy of ventilation
n. Adequacy of electrical services
o. Adequacy of plumbing services
Section 2 Schedule                  
a. Compliance of schedule requirements for product
Section 3 Quality Documents
a. Documents adequately represented the proposed scope of work
Section 4 Change Orders
a. Appropriateness of unsolicited change orders
Section 5 General Comments
a. Architect’s attitude
b. Architect’s cooperation and responsiveness
c. Likelihood of using architect on a future proje
Section 6 Overall Performance
a. Architect’s overall performance
b. Mechanical consultant’s overall performance
c. Plumbing consultant’s overall performance
d. Electrical consultant’s overall performance
e. Consultant’s overall performance

Thank You for Your Feedback and for helping our continuing effort to improve our services