Fusion of Vernacular and Contemporary style of Architecture

By Understanding Client requirements we have done a Fusion of Vernacular and Contemporary styles of Architecture for one of the clients who is located in Bangalore. Contemporary architecture is one of the 21st century uses advanced materials, whereas vernacular is a style that has been existing since the beginning of time,  which makes use of local materials.

This 40’X60′ house is located in Nelmangala town, Bangalore. This design is a fusion of contemporary and vernacular architecture which stand out as a unique design approach in today’s world where few customers expect in their new houses.

Though this design has vernacular features, these floor plans have modern conveniences providing spacious areas. This design consists of brick façade and jali work which blends with modern materials like concrete finish, steel, and other materials.

The Plan consists of  3 parking, living, 2 bedrooms, kitchen, dining, utility, and toilets on the ground floor and a separate bedroom, toilet, and utility on the terrace floor. Also, there is a large open terrace which can be used as an open multi-purpose area.

Conceptual Sketch

Parking Area Design:

The design consists of a large space in the front which can accommodate  1 car and 2 bike parking, covered by a roof. Parking space with some landscape makes the space feel more lively. 

Master Bedroom Design:

The Master bedroom is spacious of 12’x 15’ with multiple window openings which bring ample amount of light and ventilation. The bedroom is located in such a way that the space is brighter in the morning with more natural light.

Living Area Design:

The Living area is spacious with large window openings which allow light to enter the space. There is an open dining space next to the living which creates an interaction zone.

Dining Area Design:

Dining is designed next to the kitchen for easy accessibility from the kitchen and also to the puja room. It accommodates a four-seater table.

U-Shaped Kitchen Design:

The U-shaped kitchen is designed so that the space can accommodate more storage spaces and kitchen platforms on three sides, so there is an ample amount of space.

External Staircase Design:

The External staircase on the front side is covered with a brick façade and jail work which creates shadow patterns during the daytime. This staircase leads to the terrace floor.

Elevation Feature:

  • A brick façade, known as a brick veneer, is different from a solid brick wall – it is a layer of brick fixed to the walls. Brick facades provide aesthetics, and moreover insulate the building.
  • The staircase double-height is covered with a brick façade and Jali works which allow good ventilation and lighting.
  • The entrance has a large veranda space covered by a roof with an I section finish which is projected onto the portico area.
  • A simple composition of materials and detailing is shown in the elevation.
  • The front porch has landscaping elements with a pedestrian pathway that leads to the main entrance.
  • The compound wall also has brick cladding which balances with the facade design and the MS  gate blends with the compound wall.