Designing Kitchen cum Dining

Did you know that people tend to spend the maximum time in the kitchen? Whether it is to cook, to eat or to just relax, the kitchen is often called the heart of the house! Just as exercise is needed for a healthy heart, a well-defined space with appliances is needed for a kitchen. One should feel at ease and comfortable while doing the chores in the kitchen. Most often kitchens are attached to the dining area so food can be carried over easily and meals can be eaten with the family. The spacing of the two areas i.e., Kitchen cum Dining must be well planned and strategically thought of so the transition is at ease. 

By knowing the different concepts of Kitchen cum Dining, will help while building your dream home. Check out these layouts where dining spaces have been successfully integrated within the kitchen areas.


Role of the Kitchen cum Dining area:

Kitchens play a vital role in Architecture design. Kitchens are spaces that require considerable thought when one is planning them. It is essential to spend some time working through the design as one needs a functional space that also reflects the user’s tastes. It’s the designer’s job to transform a functional space into something comfortable and beautiful. Kitchens should be durable and look great.

The kitchen and dining concept with bold colors furniture and light shades of walls, adds beauty to space. Usually, there is hesitation in using colors for Kitchens for fear that it will overpower the space, making it look cramped. However, consider the above kitchen, and one can see how beautifully coordinated it is. The light beige colors merge with the patterned wood to give it a charming look.

KITCHEN with Cabinets

Purpose of Kitchen Cabinets :

A closer look at the cabinets and you will notice how the shutters have been designed for a neat appearance. The handle-less design is quite trendy these days, and why wouldn’t it be? Considering that it gives a flawless and stylish look to any room, it should be used extensively in homes.

Quartz is increasingly being used for counter-tops in the kitchen. The sleek look and the fact that it is more durable than granite give it an edge over the latter material. Here, the designers have used an off-white color for the counter, which contributes wonderfully towards pulling the entire look of the kitchen together. INTERIOR DESIGN of the Kitchen and Dining should be perfect to have food.

In conclusion, Kitchens are the heart of the house which draws the family in with the promise of food. So, these were some of the design concepts to integrate the kitchen with the dining room.