Mr. Sreekanth’s Residence

A Harmonious Adobe

This 30’X 50′ Sreekanth’s residence is in Sarjapur road, integrated contemporary style. Contemporary homes do have a modern flair to them, with design tweaks from Postmodernism and Deconstructivism, as well. This residence shows how building materials are just as important as the final product. Contemporary homes emphasize natural and sustainable building materials. The elevation portrays a repetition of elements making it harmonious to the degree of unity. This three-story contemporary home design with box projections as balcony and bay window giving it a unique view of the structure.

A beautiful balcony heightens the enjoyment of the outdoors. Large, open-framed windows make the most of this exterior setting, while glass railings allow a comfy seat in an outdoor space. The balcony designs increase home values and improve lifestyle. Glass balconies are beautiful and welcoming. Slab extension provides a great platform that increases the aesthetic appeal of any home. Any home will be spiced up with the addition of glass structures, large windows, and protection from the element’s spaces. Glass balcony designs are a modern and attractive way to create fabulous all-season rooms with gorgeous views and a cozy feel.

The concept involves Rhythm which has been achieved by repetition and pattern. More emphasis is laid on the contrast that is dark and light to achieve balance.

Living Room :

Plain white walls with minimal furniture give a warm ambiance to the space. The wooden flooring ensures the eyes get distracted while the hues of white, black, and grey remain simple. The balcony attached to the living allows more light to enter in the daytime. The grilled doors and windows are provided due to security reasons.

TV Unit :

The TV unit is designed along finer lines effectively from a monochrome palette.

False Ceiling & Grilled Openings :

The false ceiling gives the living uniform lighting. It also provides insulation and reduces noise. Inverted cove lighting for dramatic effects is used.

Kitchen :

In this open-plan, a white minimalist kitchen design flows into the rest of the space. The contrast in shades adds contemporary feels. The wood cabinets highlight to break the monotony of the shades of white.

The dining cum kitchen concept is achieved in this design. A beautiful dining table near the kitchen is provided for easy interaction between two spaces. 

Minimalistic L-shape kitchens are more often used in contemporary houses, where cleanliness, organization, and functionality are achieved.  Adding one pop of color can enhance the look of the kitchen, colours can come in cookware or décor.

Dining :

The dining space is situated under the staircase for utilization of space. Spaces can be maximized through utilization. The space under the staircase is used not only for the dining area but also for a basin for washing hands after the meal. This is a great way to use waste spaces as shown in the pictures below :

Double Height :

Double height is used to make the space look spacious. The warm glow from the chandelier complements the space.

Family Room :

A family room near the double-height is provided for easy connection from floor to floor.  Olive green sofas are contrasting with the white minimal walls. Green and wood-framed windows make the room feel fresh. A small yet stylish design for a family room is achieved here. The window provides natural light to come inside.

Elevation Features :

  • Pergola covered with Glass to provide shade & avoid rainwater into the parking area.
  • Stone Cladding complimenting the name board with wall light and Planter Box
  • Front gate – Stainless Steel & Wood.
  • Bottom of Balcony slab to be cladded with Wood texture and Glossy finish.
  • Slab projection.
  • Bay window – Interior.
  • Raised slab projection with Wooden cladding.
  • Buff stone cladding to the corner walls
  • Window projection with Wood cladding on surface.
  • Glossy Wooden Cladding with Ceiling lights for the Projected Balcony slab.
  • Pergola for Balcony.