Mr. Sreenivas Reddy’s Modern Architecture House

A Stunning Modern Adobe

This Modern architecture house represents rectangular exteriors, flat rooflines, and super straight lines. Large expanses of glass for windows help aid in energy efficiency and indoor/outdoor flow. This clean, ornamentation-free exterior shows a monochromatic color scheme and stands in stark contrast to a more traditional design like wood finishers to highlight some parts. The vertical slats give the foyer a partial yet private look.

Smart LED lighting systems are used for illumination, safety, and energy conservation in this residence, it is used to control all the lights in your home, it also helps in blending the interior and exterior using entirely automated lighting configurations. Designate sensor lighting systems are used in areas that require security and illumination after dark.

Staircase :

Two staircases have been designed, the external staircase is used to reach the first floor from the ground, whereas the internal staircase is used to reach all the other floors from the first. The external staircase has openings, which provide the maximum amount of light. The internal staircase has a fixed window in the landing area which gives a good amount of sunlight.

Vanity Counter :

The vanity counter under the staircase is placed near the dining for easy access. The accessories were added to highlight the space with simple yet elegant materials like the Buddha statue with white stones and a series of drop lights. The waste space under the staircase is used completely with a vanity counter and a beautiful mirror with lighting.

Dining cum Kitchen :

The dining cum kitchen concept is achieved in this design. We have utilized the space completely, the modular kitchen with a white color scheme is very popular these days. Modular kitchens maximize the functionality of the space and it is cost-effective during installation as the kitchen system uses prefabricated appliances.

Puja Room :

The puja room is well lit with led lights behind the onyx cladding. This gives the whole space a warm look. The puja is placed near the living. Due to the position, it gains all the attraction from the guests.

Foyer :

The elongated foyer leads to the living, which is a semi-public area, where the guest is entertained. For achieving an effective Modern Architecture House design, we have followed the form follows function. The foyer can reflect your lifestyle and sense of aesthetic. Here the aesthetics can include the plants and storage space.

Double Height :

Double height is used to make the space look spacious. The warm glow from the chandelier complements the space. The long windows provide maximum sunlight throughout the day.

Master Bedroom :

The master bedroom shows minimal features, with dim lighting and elegant wall panels which are made up of MDF finishes with Ducos paint. The low-height bed gives volume to the space. The long windows provide ample light in the daytime, which helps to save energy to reduce the electrical bills.

This informal living attached to the bedroom is a special feature of the house. The informal living is sunken below the bedroom level. It is separated by a wooden partition wall for privacy. The TV unit is attached to the partition wall.

Living :

While designing the living we gave special attention to the walls and ceiling design for the hall to ensure their color and architecture design match the decor you have in mind. The false ceiling in the living compliments the whole space which matches the decor.

Washroom :

The washrooms used automation lighting, the fixtures look classy and modern which matches the whole look of the house. Even the basins are made up of beautiful stones. The mirrors look high-tech. Dry and wet areas are separated with glass partition, which shows our forms following function.

Home Theater :

The home theater is placed on the terrace with high-tech lighting, the theater is soundproof, and the LED lights provide a warm ambiance. The theater is a special feature in this house, it adds value to the house. Home automation and entertainment technology have truly become easy and fun to use. The integration with digital advances such as online streaming and smart home controls is fun and easy to use. 

Semi Terrace Area in Modern Architecture House:

The semi terrace area is situated on the last floor, the sloped roof gives the whole space a beautiful look. It can be used as a gathering space when guests come. The semi terrace is decorated with plants for fresh air.

This modern residence has incorporated smart lighting automation. Home automation gives comfort and security with convincing. Smart domestic automation permits you to go into high-tech functionality and luxury that wasn’t seen in the past. As generation and technology improvement continues to expand, so will the opportunities for customer domestic automation to make lifestyles simpler and extra enjoyable.