Mahesh Residence – A small Contemporary Home

Mahesh Residence – A small Contemporary Home

Mr. Mahesh

With a stucco exterior and neutral color palette, this unique contemporary home blends gracefully into the surrounding. This simple contemporary home design with a repetitive element is making the most out of the space, by stacking up with mass, vertically in a 30’X40′ plot. The fixed windows allow more natural light to enter and adds a warm ambiance to space. A simple sunscreen-styled pergola provides filtered shade. By opening up space, this concrete contemporary structure uses repetitive vertical and horizontal slats which gives a sleek modern look. Greystone cladding in the exterior is used, while the board is highlighting the structure.

30*40 house design


Living, dining and kitchen concept makes the space more interactive and livelier. A living area with large windows gives good light and ventilation to the entire space. Double height under the living makes space look bigger and more interactive.


The dining room is the heart of the home. It’s where you enjoy delicious meals and enjoys quality time as a family, Dining area with warm color interiors and window in front, makes the whole circulation place more interactive and warm. Our designers discover clever ways to make small spaces feel larger and continue to dream up inspiring upgrades for walls, lighting, furniture, and flooring.


When it comes to designing your dream kitchen, the most important thing to keep in mind is function. You can create a beautiful kitchen, but if it’s not functional, it will lose all luster. This kitchen design is with separate dry and wet counters with cool colors, gives it a sense of space and division, with utility attached, makes it more spacious and user friendly.


Master bedroom with sophisticated minimalistic interiors, giving it a rich and spacious look, providing ample ventilation and lighting. Achieve a more spacious look by choosing a platform bed. The low profile of a platform bed looks sleek, laid back, and minimalist in comparison to their bulky-based divan counterparts. They also make the room look bigger since the line of sight is free to flow straight over them and beyond.


Bedroom space with minimal and simple interiors with stretch balconies breaks the harmony in the elevation and gives it a sense of more openness.


The family room serves a similar function in the home to a living room, it’s a gathering place for everyone to convene and relax together at the end of the day. The family living is placed in front of the cut out which makes the space more active, the spaces are interconnected in an interactive way.


The utility in the terrace is very spacious, the functionality of a utility room takes precedence over its aesthetics. The space is bright and cheerful to make the room usable and visually pleasing. The utility room can be a great place for an herb garden or to grow some vegetables. Also, these plants will require more care than your regular home variety decorative plants used to beautify homes.


  • 1’-0’’ Thick slab projection around the building gives it a clean look.
  • A series of steel horizontal rafters enhances the contemporary style.
  • Stone cladding balances the exterior elevation.
  • Planter box in the front is welcoming.
  • Separate pedestrian entry is provided.
  • 1’6’’ thick box projection at the first-floor entrance to make the space look bigger.
  • A perforated pergola is provided in the terrace, for shading.
Contemporary house design
Ajith Residence – A Contemporary Way of Living

Ajith Residence – A Contemporary Way of Living

Ajith Residence – A Contemporary way of living

This 50’X50’ contemporary house features grey stone cladding with two framed balconies which gives an extraordinary view of the house. Each volume is oriented in a way to provide the exterior view without any obstruction. The basic concept is creating volumes with projections along with a combination of horizontal members and vertical bars. The semi-open spaces with vertical slats and flat roofs with semi-open pergolas give the house a contemporary vibe. The vertical and horizontal bars balance the contemporary look. Balconies are placed in the corners for better ventilation and light to enter. This way the bedrooms can get maximum sunlight. The semi-open pergola is used for sun shading on the terrace helps to reduce heat.

Corner view

Entrance :

The entrance is approached by a ramp going towards parking and landscape around, making the environment calm and water cascade features adding to it. The water fountain being the enhancing element of the house, adds aesthetics to the house.

Water Cascade :

The living area opens into a water cascade with a landscape around it that gives the space a peaceful feeling. Entrance with the landscape around marking the welcoming feeling to the house and more interactive space.

Foyer :

A minimal contemporary look with a simple sofa with few indoor plants enhanced the complete look of the entrance.


Living room :

A living area with large windows gives good light and ventilation to the entire space and makes it livelier.

Living room

Kitchen :

A kitchen with separate dry and wet counters with cool colors gives it a sense of space and division, with utility attached, makes it more spacious and user friendly.

Kitchen & Dining

Bedroom :

Bedroom space with minimal and simple interiors with a long stretch balcony breaks the harmony in the elevation and gives it a sense of more openness. A bedroom with two long windows on the sides gives it a sense of bigger space with good lighting and cross ventilation inside the room. The bedroom has shades of brown and white, which pleases the aesthetics of the room. Warm color schemes and furniture enhance the beauty of the room.

Master Bedroom :

Master bedroom with sophisticated minimalist interiors, giving it a rich and spacious look, providing ample ventilation and lighting. Bedroom with balcony, that provides good ventilation to the room. Minimalistic approach and elegant colors making it more subtle.

Family Room :

Family lounge space is a compact and comfortable space for interaction and entertainment. Minimal furniture is used. The family room is near double-height, from where you can see the living under.

Family room

Staircase :

Modern U-shaped staircase offers architectural interest.


Study room :

The study area has a bookshelf and some seating to read comfortably. The double-height is secured with a glass railing which gives it a modern look. There is enough light in the study area because of the large windows and double-height.

Study room

Elevation features :

  • A combination of warm and neutral colours is used in the exterior with the shade of greys. 
  • Stone cladding on the walls give the elevation a contemporary look.
  • Ducts covered with a wall – in which a visual texture is provided with plastering on a concrete wall.
  • Concrete Pergola – A cost effective roof.
  • A perforated roof to increase daylight.
  • Terrace provided with a sliding gate and a fully covered roof to give a sense of privacy.
  • The semi open spaces with vertical slats and flat roof with semi open pergolas gives the house a contemporary vibe. 
  • A perfect balance of vertical and horizontal bars is seen.
  • All the corners are used for balconies for more ventilation and sunlight.
  • Secured by high compound walls. 
  • More open space near the entrance gives more place to breathe.
East view
Mr. Prahlad D N

Mr. Prahlad D N

Mr. Prahlad D N

Project: PRAHLAD D N Residence

Location: Jayanagar 7th Block, Bangalore
Plot Size 100×160 feet
Requirements:  Basement Car parking 6 Nos
                         Ground floor Landscape, Swimming Pool, and Party Hall
                         Typical three-floor (Each floor 4 BHK)
                         Terrace – Landscape, Common seating and get together space.
BUA: 25000 SFT
Design Style: Contemporary style.
Project Cost: 5 Crore

Ramakrishna P

Ramakrishna P

Mr. Ramakrishna

Plot size: 40×50
Requirements: Ground floor  –  parking + One BHK (Rental)
                         FIRST Floor  –  own 2.5 BHK
Project cost: 75 Lakh
Design Style: Classic Architecture
Built Up Area – 3000 SFT
Location : Yelahanka, Bangalore

Mr. Sushmith Nayak Complex

Mr. Sushmith Nayak Complex

Mr. Sushmith Nayak

Commercial Complex for Mr. Sushmith Nayak

Concept: We designed as per clients requirement of a Basement floor with parking, Ground + 4 floors with commercial spaces and common lift and staircase. It was based on a simple concept that we need to give client more carpet area since it was in a prominent location.
Project Type: Simple modern
Location: HSR layout, Bangalore
Plot size: 50X80
Built up area: Approx 20,000 Sft
Project cost: 1.20 crore

Associate Consultant

Associate Consultant

30 Acre - 1500 Units

Associate Consultant

Concept: It is ensured that every apartment’s styling is distinctively contemporary and the finishing is absolutely uncompromising. Enjoy serene breeze throughout the living space with 3 sides open apartments and many more such unique features that would make living an everlasting pleasure.
Project Type: High Rise Apartments
Location: Bengaluru
Plot size: 30 Acre Land
No of Units: 1500 Units

TG Akshaya

TG Akshaya

TG Akshaya

Concept: Designed as per low raised standards, 2 BHK & 3 BHK, 60:40 ratio, 6’ wide balconies for good space and ventilation.
Project Type: Apartments
Location: Off Banneerughatta Road
Built up area: 80,000 sft