The relation between Living, Kitchen, Puja, and Staircase  

The relation between Living, Kitchen, Puja, and Staircase  

The relation between Living, Kitchen, Puja, and Staircase



Client highlighted his building should be one of the Top Architecture in Bangalore, so he wanted his buildings Planning, Design and Construction should look after by Top Architects in Bangalore. By keeping this in mind Client came for us i.e., Design Thoughts Architects in Bangalore for his Residential Architecture. He had  very elaborate requirement for his 60*40 site such as Car Parking, Veranda, Entrance Lobby, Puja, Living Area, Kitchen, Bedroom, Attached Toilet, Common Toilet and Staircase all these requirements should be achieved living common setback all around. Hence, regarding  Space management common area such as Entrance Lobby, Living, Kitchen, Staircase these areas should coordinate well in terms of Circulation and Furniture Layout.




The Layout Sketch which we done before the Construction of the Residential Building. This layout shows both Interior Design and Exterior design




Entrance area:

A building’s entrance is the threshold between the exterior and interior, it contributes to the overall identity of the development and plays an important role in the impression and experience formed by visitors.




The Kitchen Interior Design include enough space for us to work comfortably so that we can complete your normal routine. The length of the countertops is large so that it gives more space to work but no matter what, the main concern we kept in our mind is that the material we  chose that it is durable and easy to clean.



Stairs with skylight:

Stairwells are notoriously dark because it is located in the center of the we  Added Skylights Design over the stairwell not only brightens up the stairs, but it also spills natural light into rooms next to the stairs.




Living area:

The lobby it leads to the living area.  we have french windows so that it leads the natural light to the room and avoid artificial light. We have tv units next to the lobby. And The living room is the one room in the house where everyone is expected to come together to enjoy some communal time, so it’s worth investing a lot of effort and thought into the design scheme. In living area we have we have tv unit which is made with wooden work so it co relates with material used in the building we have storage space in the tv units so that we can use for to keep so electronic items. Living area we used fall ceiling with some unique design so that it looks more elegant because the living area is the main place in the building. We need more natural light in the living area so we used large windows so that it gives natural light to the living room. And it has puja room next to the living area.



Puja room:

In this project we used contemporary architecture and we used wood door and jail work so that it leads the sunlight to the puja room so the nature light fall on the puja room. And the puja room is kept in the north west corner of the house to enhance the positive energies.




Overall as a Best Architects in Bangalore, We are very much satisfied when this project get to an end as expected dates. Planning, Design and Construction of the Residential building in Bangalore are very well executed. Client was happy at the end when his Dream Home comes True.


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